LEXBIOLAB is an international research and analysis center that lies at the intersection between the fields of Public Health, Healthcare, Life Sciences and the Law, which we call “Health Law”. 

Health Law is a very particular legal discipline. It cuts across various traditional branches of law (Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Information Law, etc) and applies its principles to subjects in quite different areas of knowledge, e.g. Biology, Medicine, Genetics, Philosophy and Ethics. Therefore, Health Law is a complex field that presents multiple challenges to teachers and researchers alike.  Health Law academics need to find the appropriate programs to teach students with sometimes very different academic profiles and to select adequate methodologies in order to perform research in multidisciplinary scientific areas. Although Health Law has been studied and taught in the United States for more than 50 years, it is a more recent addition to academics in Portugal. Only in the last ten years have Portuguese universities begun to include in their curricula the study of the legal aspects related to health care and biomedicine.